Saturday, April 16, 2011

Magallanes, Sorsogon: Rediscovered

Magallanes is one of the 15 towns of Sorsogon province and a 4th class municipality.  It is located at the southernmost tip of the island of Luzon which is about 48 kilometres from the Sorsogon City, the provincial capital, passing through two towns and a meandering road that snakes around Mounts Juban and Bintacan.

It's never an easy road to reach the place. Unlike other towns of Sorsogon, Magallanes is relatively isolated.  "but definitely, going there is a great adventure," said Pinoy Traveler, a blogger who featured the town in one of his articles.

The rest of the journey is just lush tropical rainforest dotted by villages, schools and community churches.

Magallanes is a fishing town, popular for fresh and dried fish.

This is the place where I grew up, so please join me while I rekindle my childhood memories as I revisit some of the places of my little hometown,

The sun still shines in Magallanes.
To experience full view of sunrise, we need to wake up by 4am and forget the usual breakfast of Sinangag & Kusido (the favorite local version of Sinigang sa kalamansi) as we need to cross a sea to Bagatao Island and has to climb its highest peak.

To reach Bagatao's peak, one must conquer this steep stairway to heaven...

I mean, to Our Lady of Sta. Lourdes Grotto
this place is known to locals for its miracles.

Bagatao Island is also a haven for photogs.

Based on our interview with the locals, the bottom of this boat was made from layers of styrofoam while the outboard engine was converted from a press drill.

Some of our finds while exploring the shores of Bagatao

black pearl


While on our way to the other side of the island, we met these kids

Midway, we passed this wooden bridge connecting Pansud and Brgy. Behia.  The beams were supported by the trunks of mangrove.  People used to hike a mountain trail when this was not built then.

A little bit farther, we stopped on this historical site, the REAL ASTILLERO DE BAGATAO.
It is reputed to be the biggest Spanish shipyard in the whole Bicol Region where some of the biggest and most magnificent galleons during the Manila-Acapulco trade were constructed. 

It is situated atop of this...

Oh, we almost forgot to take breakfast.  We headed to a sari-sari store of a near village to have this simple...
Giniris at Kape

Our next stop should be the Parola, but due to time constraint, we decided to defer and instead holed up in this place while waiting for our banca...

playing like kids

oh, i love the clear waters

After rushing back to town, we had our merienda with these...

And we called it a day.

On the 2nd day,  with our dubai-based journalists/friends we decided to roam around the eastern part of Magallanes

The daily catch of the easterners

Once again, we have to skip our fav breakfast with this...
and of course, with coffee.

Here are some more landmarks of the town...
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish


Due to shortened vacation and plenty of activities, we weren't able to complete the whole picture of my town. Cry

I hope next time, I'll be able to show more of the beauties MAGALLANES can offer.

Thanks for bearing with me!  Dios mabalos sa gabos!!!


  1. Hey Neil!
    That was beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing your talent. My kids enjoyed the pictures, my roots and the place I love the most, Magallanes.
    Blessing to you.
    Elsie Mella
    (taga Cawit)

  2. Thanks for passing by my site Manay Elsie. Salamatonon man tabi sa appreciation. God bless your family as well.


  3. neil, thanks...text is simple but full of good memories to me, pictures are magnificent, full of enthusiasm, vigor and vitality. Hope to be there again soon.

  4. Hi!

    Salamatonon man tabi sa pag dropped by. Please include in your itinerary an pagbisita giraray sa Magallanes once anion ka lang sa harani o sa Pinas.


  5. Elsa and Esmer familyApril 17, 2011 at 10:57 PM

    This is so beautiful.Magallanes once again captured the hearts of many Bicolanas/Bicolanos.Hope to returned again there...I miss the warm sunshine and clear water...Thanks for the lovely photos.My family loved every detail and captions.

  6. Hi neil, haaaay..... napongawon man tabi ako sa mga nahiling ko na mga magayunon na mga places. masiramon man ang pancit at ang sinapot. sana nga makauli man ako kaiba ang agom ko ta dai pa sya nakaka abot sa magallanes. God bless you more neil.
    Imelda Rodriguez-Joyel

  7. Hello Manay Elsa & to Esmer family!

    Thanks for your nice words. Hope to see your family again one of these days in Magallanes.


  8. @Imelda,

    Salamatonon man tabi ta napasyar ka digdi. Dai ka na magpara-pahaloy mag-uli kaiba si agom ta nganing ma-relieve man lamang kamo sa pressures sa trabaho. Maipaheling mo man lamang pati ki mister mo an gayon kan Magallanes. Bako sana sa retrato kundi pati sa totoo. God bless you too.


  9. Tutuo talagang magayunuin ang satuyang banwa.... marhay ta may saro na nkaicp na ipahiling sa gabos ang maka-muya muyang mga hilingun sa magallanes.... haha.... hndi n ganong sanay mag bicol...xenxia...

  10. Magallanes is a place to be and a place to be missed when we are in other place.